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Mixed Freight is one man's metaphor for his life's journey from city boy to country gentleman. Novelist and film writer  Paul Klein brings his well-honed skills of observation and description to the world he has inhabited for three-quarters of a century.

In this collection of essays, he

interprets society, politics,

economics, the natural world

and, of course, himself.

Candid, humorous, and

imaginative, Paul Klein's

personal point of view makes up a mixed freight readers can carry on their own life's journey !

what do reviewers have to say about "Mixed Freight"?


Mixed Freight is an enjoyable read. Its city bred author has led an interesting and varied life and has found himself - with his wife and several dogs - living among the mountains and hollows of northwestern Virginia. The book is a collection of thoughtful and well-written essays on subjects ranging from economics to walks with his dogs. I especially enjoyed the more personal tales - the musings about life in and around his rural home. He writes about his dogs, the behavior of birds and squirrels outside his window, the pleasure that comes from tinkering with old machinery, and the woods and fields surrounding his place. It's an excellent book and well worth adding to your bookshelf. 

                                                               ERIC W

  5.0 out of 5 stars

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Fine Essays, (Kindle Edition)  This book is filled with well reasoned and well written essays that reflect this writer's well lived life, his thoughtfulness, reasoning power and intuitive understanding of connections. 


  5.0 out of 5 stars

Mixed  Freight

Checking Life's Baggage